The Wireless System Research Group (WiSeR) at McMaster University (previously WiSeR@UH) conducts research of social impacts on a variety of communication, networking, data analytics and system issues in Cyber Physical Systems and social networks. Our focus is on advancing the fundamental understanding and development of efficient robust solutions. Our projects span core system building blocks, data and network management tools and services, mathematical principles, and application of wireless communication and networking to scientific, industrial and health-care disciplines. Our research has been supported by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)National Science Foundation (NSF)UH Grants to Enhance and Advance Research (GEAR)Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP)

Expectation for group members

  • Participation of weekly group seminars
  • Participation of individual meetings and/or project meetings
  • MEng students:
    • Contribution to major software release and/or hardware development, or
    • Contribution to research publications
  • MSc/MASc students:
    • One published paper by graduation as primary author, or
    • Lead on major software release and/or hardware development
  • Ph.D. students: 8 points total

Qiang's work on active learning for mobile crowdsensing accepted in INFOCOM'17

This work presented a new framework for acquiring user-annotated data in mobile crowdsensing.

ShareCrowd Funded by NSERC SPG

in crowdsensing, funding, mobile computing

The project aims to develop novel algorithmic, data analytics and system solutions to lowering the barriers to participation and monetization in mobile crowdsensing. It is a collaborative project with Dr. Ruihai Wu from McMaster School of Business and Dr. Kui Wu from University of Victoria, and in partnership with OverAir Proximity Technologies and CompuClever Systems Inc.

We are currently looking for motivated post-doc researcher and graduate students to be involved in the project.

One post-doctorial researcher position:

WiSeR received Azure research award from Microsoft

This award allows free access to Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources.

MacQuest - An Indoor Navigation App

in Indoor navigation, mobile app

MacQuest is an APP developed by the Wireless System Research Group (WiSeR) from the Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University. It provides on-campus navigation and other campus-related services to visitors to McMaster University, McMaster students, staff and faculty. 

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Ala Shaabana won best demo award in CPSWeek'15

in award

Ala's work concerns inferring thermal insulation levels of clothing people wear indoor. Such information would allow better understanding of personal thermal preference and better building energy management systems that take into account the human in the loop. Check out his video at:

WiSeR receives NSERC ENGAGE grant

The project ""Whisper: An acoustic-based proximity detection system" is in partnership with OverAir, a Hamilton-based startup working proximity technologies.

WiSeR YouTube Channel

Check out Ala's video on clothing insulation inference.

Two new Ph.D. students joined the group

Welcome Qiang & Ala!

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