MacQuest - An Indoor Navigation App


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MacQuest is an APP developed by the Wireless System Research Group (WiSeR) from the Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University. It provides on-campus navigation and other campus-related services to visitors to McMaster University, McMaster students, staff and faculty. Its main features include but not limited to: 

Comprehensive McMaster campus map and building floor plan visualization 

  • Outdoor: buildings, path ways, parking lots
  • Indoor: rooms, bathrooms, elevators, stairs, and hallways

Building index 

  • Easily find a target building and display its location on the map


  • Any pairs between rooms, buildings, arbitrary on-campus locations

Hot spot search 

  • Nearest bathroom, stairs, elevators


  • Mainly for outdoor

Next bus 

  • Check last, next and following bus arrival time near campus by bus stop and route number

MacQuest is also a research platform for location-based services and mobile participatory sensing. To better serve you, please help us improve the quality of maps and contribute location data by clicking the button "I am here" in the popup box of your current room or location. 

Related news 

If you want a quick taste, we also have a web-based navigation map for you. Just go to here 

Major Findings


  • Qiang Xu (CS)
  • Zhen (Vincent) Chen (SE)
  • Xiang (Michael) Xiao (CS)
  • Tianwei (Terry) Liu (CS)


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