PXIe-1082 + PXIe-5644R (6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer)

The PXIe-5644R vector signal transceivers (VSTs) are part of a new class of instrumentation that combines a vector signal generator and vector signal analyzer with FPGA-based real-time signal processing and control. Because of this software-designed approach, a VST features the flexibility of a software defined radio architecture with RF instrument class performance.

The VST combines the fast measurement speed and small form factor of a production test box with the flexibility and high performance of R&D-grade box instruments. This means you can use the VST to test a variety of cellular and wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11ac with an error vector magnitude of better than -45 dB (0.5 percent) at 5.8 GHz.

The software for the VST is built on LabVIEW FPGA, and features several starting points for your application including application IP, reference designs, examples, and LabVIEW sample projects. These open software starting points include default LabVIEW FPGA personalities and prebuilt FPGA bitfiles to help you get started quickly and offer the ability to fully customize them.

We use the module together with the PXIe-1082 as a spectrum analyzer for the range (65 MHz - 6 GHz).

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